Undergraduate Business

(F, S) Business processes, forms of business ownership, marketing, human resource management, finance, and government regulations are discussed in an overview of organizations. Basic business skills of communication, business behavior and professionalism, group processes, business math and personal finance are emphasized.

(F) This course introduces managerial finance as a functional area of business, including financial analysis, working capital practices, capital budgeting, corporate valuation, cost of capital and capital structure while building upon the quantitative analysis associated with the managerial financial activities of an organization in global and ethical environments. Financial analysis will be presented in written and oral communication mediums along with the expanded use of computer application packages. Prerequisite/Co-requisite: BUAD 151, ACTG 271.

(F) Using a system-process model, this course discusses the various subsystems (recruitment, selection, compensation, task specification, etc.) which fall under the responsibility of the HRM function. The sybsystems are designed to provide for the efficient and effective utilization of human resources in business concerns. Prerequisite: MGMT 352.