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This course gives attention to the knowledge and skills needed to grow and sustain performance in an organization, whether a full company, a department, a division, or other strategic business unit within an existing organization by getting the right things done through teams of people. It addresses the common management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

This course provides students with an elementary understanding of the principles of organizational finance, and gives them a basic understanding of the vocabulary, concepts, techniques, and institutions underpinning organizational finance. The course applies financial concepts to making business decisions; to evaluations and to the creation of financial operations in ogranizations, including; cash flows, valuations, capital, and long-term financing models. Prerequisite: undergraduate course or competency in Business Financial Analysis.

The use of organizational mission to develop a marketing approach to reach potential constituencies with image, product and service that will cause those constituencies to utilize the organization to meet their perceived needs in a manner that is profitable to the organization.

This course is focused on the application of economic concepts and research for business and financial decision in today. Prerequisite: undergraduate course or competency in business statistical analysis.

A study of the global business practices commonly used throughout the world. This course will focus on functional areas of business and their various applications in a global setting.