(F, S) A study of the great civilizations of the ancient world designed to introduce students to the study of history and the historical study of religion. The course focuses on the origins and foundations of the first great civilizations, with special attention to the function of religion in the maintenance of civilization.The Fertile Crescent and eastern Mediterranean are the central focus, with particular attention given to Ancient Israel and Ancient Greece. Other ancient civilizations studied may include those of China, India, and Rome. An overarching topic central to the course is the transition from polytheism to monotheism in the mid-1st millenium BCE, a period commonly referred to as the Axial Age. Fall offerings of the course are for incoming freshmen only. Co-requisite: ENGL 100 or 101. Transfer students wanting to take an introductory level, non-U.S. history course in the fall semester are advised to take HIST 211.